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Africa's highest peak - 5895m
offers different routes in duration and length for climbing:
2pers. hut-stay 5days - 1350U$; 6days - 1450U$
Also called Coca-Cola-route this climb is the "easiest" amongst the possibility to reach the summit.
2pers. camping 5days - 1350U$; 6days - 1450U$
This route offers you different scenery every day, starting with tropical rain-forests. You will walk a different route back down again. The so called-Whiskey-route does not count as "difficult".
camping 7days - 1400U$
camping 7/8days - from 1790U$ pax
camping 7days - 1400U$; 8days - 1560U$ pax

prices are subject to change (June08)

You will be picked up from any hotel in or around Moshi or Kilimanjaro-airport, we help you in finding pre- and post-accomodation in Moshi or Arusha

High-sickness is the common problem that you find as reason not reaching the summit. You can do few things to avoid at least a little:
- walk rather 6 than 5 days
- drink at least 4 litre every day
- walk slow, even 6 days give enough time
It is very cold up the Kilimanjaro, compared to previous years it has more snow this year. You will walk through some snow, but proper hiking-shoes (rubber-sole) with walking-sticks will do it.
All missing kind of equipment can be hired or bought before the climb, but what you can bring from home, you'll feel more familiar, i.e. warm sleeping-bag, warm cloth, gloves, warm cap, it's very windy!

MOSHI - home of Chagga- and Massai-tribes - a charming little town at the altitude of around 900m is the gateway and jumping-off-point to Kilimanjaro-mountain.
There are several cultural tourism programs operating. Banana- and coffee-plantations make major agricultural environment on the lower fertile slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro 5895m high,
also called 'rooftop of
the African continent'.
Climbers from all over the
world get challenged
here in Tanzania's north.


in the package-price:
Hotel-pick-up/drop off, National-park- /,
camping- / hut- fees,
your own cook,
all food 3 meals a day,

support for
guide, assistant guide and porters, their salary,
enough food!
and medications
for i.e. high-sickness
if they need such.





We keep the environment clean+tidy!


If you are not keen in
reaching the top - you
prefer to enjoy and hike
the lower green slopes?
This can be done just
as a day-trip
and we have the perfect
local guide for you.
-- prices are subject to change any time
-- prices do not include: things of personal nature like evening-drinks, cigarettes, phone-credits, tip ...

Tip for your driver, guides, cook and porter: it is common and will be appreciated to tip with about 10% of the amount of your safari's or climb's value


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